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 From the 2007 Family Album  . . .

The sound on the church roof on Christmas Eve was not Santa Claus but the workmen finishing the repairs. You can tell the difference between the new copper's tan color and the old copper's green tint. 12/2007

The "straw" tumbling from the bottom of the manger was something we undertook wih Generations of Faith. People were offered strips of yellow paper--like star--on which to right various good deeds and acts of piety they did during Advent. The "straw was then placed in the manger for Christmas. 12/2007

The Ukrainian Trust Choir gave a Christmas concert at Sts. Petger & Paul Church in Ambridge on Sunday afternoon, December 30th, the day that parish finished its celebration of its 100th anniversary. How many of our parishioners can you find singing in the group? (And more were out of camera range.) Dorothy Waslo, the director, stands at the right. 

Cathy Sembrat rolls out the dough . . . and we will rake it in to meet the needs of the church.


Bob attempts to make off with a try of Cathy's prize-winning cookies . . . too colorful to be pyrohi, Bob!


"Your table is ready, follow me!"

Immediate seating . . .

The fifth day of our annual Pyrohi Marathon came to a pleasant close on Friday, the 14th of December, due to the hard work and cheerful attitude of our volunteers. We'll report the total amount of pyrohi they made later in the season.

Rosemary Bogdon seems overwhelmed in making a choice at the gift exchange.


During the business session, Steph Fedora gives the reports while Joanne Hurey, the chair, listens. John Zaletski, the newest member of the group, sits to the left. The society exists to raise funds for the parish to help meet its expenses, and Joanne presented the pastor with a check for almost twenty-five hundred dollars.

On the other hand, the pastor shamelessly lunges for a nut cracker.

The members of the parish's St. Josaphat Society begin to move through the well stocked buffet at their annual St. Nicholas celebration in the parish hall.

Some of the tykes gather 'round St. Nick to see what he has for them duing the parish's annual Mykolaya.


One big but happy kid sits on St. Nick to assure him he has been very good this year.

Steve Zinski directs the choir of the Southside parish, in which several of our parishioners sing, for the panakhyda in memory of those starved to death by Joseph Stalin in Ukraine.

The massed choirs, including the Southside choir, the Ukrainian Cultural Trust Choir and the choir of the Slavic Baptist Church sing the final hymn at the service.

Our fellow parishioner, Dr. Michel Kutsenkow, receives his award from Nick Kotow at a testimonial dinner held on November 10th at the Chartiers Country Club in which he was named Ukrainian of the Year by The Ukrainian Technological Society.

Keith & Mary Reebe decide where to put their tickets at the Chinese auction held in conjunction with our Nite at the Races. Someone chose well: Keith wenthome with an extra long level!



Bohdan Konecky reports on what his group discussed during the second learning session.


Stepping out of "cybert-land," Ted Sywy, the parish's web-master (left), and Zach Sudiak, our computer doctor (right) get a taste of reality, or at least ham as they help serve the lunch at Generations of Faith.

Dr. Rick Plugh and his new bride, Becky Alstad, after their wedding on October 10th.

Even God's army marches on its stomach!  The first loaves of our homemade bread, like an army on the march, are set out in preparation for our festival.


Fr. de Paulo proclaims the Gospel after his formal installation at St. John the Baptist Church in E. McKeesport on Sunday morning, August 5th.  Msgr. George was in E. McKeesport this morning to install the Rev. Craig de Paulo as pastor of St. John the Baptist Church there.


Msgr. George, the protopresbyter, begins the installation of Fr. Ihor Hohosha at St. John the Baptist Church in McKees Rocks on Sunday morning, July 29th.  Father Ihor was just ordained this year at Easter, and this is his first assignment.  Both he and his wife, Pani Inna, are from the Lviv region in Ukraine.










This past Saturday, July 28, the pator was in Warren, Ohio, to take part in the golden jubilee of Benedictine Sister Barbara Pavlik.  The Liturgy took part at Sts Peter & Paul Church there, followed by a dinner at a local banquet facility.  In the photo, left to right, Rev. Bob Karl, the pastor; Sr. Barbara, Archbishop Basil Schott of the Byzantine (Ruthenian) Archeparchy of Pittsburgh, and Msgr. George.


It was truly a family reunion here at Holy Trinity on Sunday, July 22nd, when Bishop Richard Seminack, eparch of St. Nicholas in Chicago, returned for a visit and a celebration of his fortieth anniversary of ordination.  He spent almost half of his priesthood here in Carnegie.  After the Liturgy, sung with great feeling and enthusiasm (a word from the Greek meaning "to be in God"),  there was an informal reception in the hall and then a testimonial dinner at Tambellini's Bridgeville Restaurant.  And, although it has become a cliché, "a good time was had by all!"

Bishop Richard dismisses the congregation at the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy. Later he explained how great a pleasure it was for him to serve here again since, as a bishop, he never knows precisely how the Liturgy will be celebrated in the churches of his eparchy when he visits. In the huge territory of his eparchy the liturgical difference, or tone, from one church to another can be significant. He said on this occasion he could relax and enjoy the service just the way he remembered it when he was pastor here.


Anastasia Kohut shares a moment with Bishop Richard at the reception after the Liturgy..


Long time rectory housekeeper Esther Koss reminisces with Bishop Richard.



Jim Beebe leads his bride, Jessica Volanski-Yalch, from our church after their marriage on Sunday afternoon, June 2nd. 




Thomas Harout (Armenian for "Resurrection") Medwig lies in the arms of his godmother, Wendy Steiner, after the rites of Christening.  From left to right, Mrs. Yahnian, the maternal grandmother who came all the way from Beirut, Lebanon, for the rites, godfather Brian Medwig, Wendy with Thomas H., his mother, Mayda Medwig holding his sister, Anna; and his father, Mark.      5/27/2007

Little Thomas's cake, served at the reception after church.  Do you think they are grooming him for something?   5/27/07

"Equal time for the paternal line!"  Thomas H's grandfather, Tom Medwig, holding Anna; with paternal grandmother Ming holding Thomas H.  Tom & Ming will be leaving shortly for Germany and the marriage of another of their sons.   5/27/07

Soyuz Ukrainok set up a display of Ukrainian icons as part of the Pittsburgh Folk Festival held over this past weekend. Our fellow parishioner, Luba Hlutkowsky, served as vice-president of the committee and acted as MC for several of the performances. 


Last weekend  Msgr. George was back home in Brooklyn, NY, to take part in the 40th anniversary celebration of his friend, Msgr. Anthony Dana.  Msgr. George spent a year with Msgr. Dana at Immaculate Conception Seminary in Brooklyn before leaving to join a monastery.  During that year he and Msgr. Dana helped the Catholic chaplain at the military base on Governor's Island in the New York harbor, Msgr. George as a catechist and Msgr. Dana as the organist, and the two became close friends.  (May 20th, 2007)

Natalya Christa Pretka rests in the arms of her father, John, while her mother, JoAnn, and her brothers stand by her after her baptism at the 4 o'clock Liturgy yesterday, May 12th.  God grant them all many years!


Michael Spak (blue shirt to the left) with some family  and friends continues work on his Eagle Scout Project: refurbishing Trinity Acres.  A great deal of brush has been cleared away at the picnic site, repairs made and a lot of paint laid down.  We are very grateful to Michael and his helpers for making this his special project. That's his father, Myron; and his brother, Nicholas, at Michael's right.


Newlyweds Vivian (nee Colaizzi) and Cesare Ulrich

Maura J. Brehl, Helena M. Malyarsky and Nicholas G. Spak, who were admitted to the Mystery of Penance last Sunday


 Sr. Olga Marie, OSBM, explains a point about Generations of Faith to representatives from our parish, along with St. John'son Pittsburgh's Southside, and from St. Anne's (Austintown, OH) & Holy Trinity (Youngstown, OH).  The two day workshop took place at our parish on Friday and Saturday, April 20th and 21st. 

Some of our congregation waiting to have their baskets of paschal food blessed . . .

The Ukrainian Bandurist Chous performing their "Bandura: The Soul of Ukraine" at the Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall.

Radio personality Mike Komichak welcomes the members of the chorus after they sang the grace before their meal in our church hall.

Some members of the chorus sing a "mnohaya lita" for the sponsors of the concert and our parish.


Redemptorist Father Bohdan Lukie conducted a parish mission here at Holy Trinity from Sunday, March 18th, until this past W\ednesday.  About eighty people came each evening to hear him preach, and both he and his messages were very well received by the congregation.  We thank him for his good service to us, and pray that God will bless his ministry with the abundant fruit of the Spirit.  For those who might like to hear Fr. Bohdan, he is preaching at St. John the Baptist Church on South 7th Street and Carson in Pittsburgh’s Southside these next few days.


 Our St. Josaphat Society, which earns money to contribute for charitable works, held its annual Spaghetti Dinner.  In spite of the snow and road conditions, it looks like it was a big success.  There was certainly a happy buzz in our hall with waiters going back and forth serving food and people chatting with each other.  We will report more particulars when they become available.  For now, though, we have a few pictures from our “family album” to share with you.  The Society had prepared a display showing the history of the parish, since February 18 is also the date when the parish was established, its birthday. George Honchar prepared a booth where people coming to the dinner could sign cards for a soldier on duty in the Middle East, a very nice touch. 

Angela Honchar and Lillian Morelli collect signatures on cards for a soldier in the Middle East

 Stirring the pots.....

 Serving up....

Money takers in the Temple....

Why are these people smiling?  Good food?  The work's over?